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The BEST Truck of all time.

Posted by admin on Friday Jul 15, 2011 Under Personal Thoughts

The 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma is the longest lasting, highest resell value and lowest owner cost of any other truck in the US. The Toyota Hilux that is built as sold overseas is the only other truck in the world that is considered better. I owned a 2009 Toyota Hilux 4WD, 4-Door Diesel and when you can drive a 4WD, 4-Door truck and get almost 40 MPG; you wonder why this truck is not here in the States. The US Automotive manufactures have done everything they can to keep this truck and its engine out of the US. So what’s the next best thing in the US without having a Grey-Market vehicle; the 95-04 Tacoma, own one and you will never turn back. Used by US Special Forces and Special Operations Teams all across the world, the Tacoma is the only US mass-produced auto used today to defend our country and sought after by our Military as a reliable means of transportation. What does this have to do with Classic Cars; nothing. But its all about any automobile that people show a passion for.

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