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1966 Ford Mustang
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Welcome to DAC Motorsports

Welcome to DAC Motorsports/The Mustang Specialist . Located in North Fort Worth, TX area we are a classic car restoration and custom build shop. We are also the build extension for our international order and sales office in Buckinghamshire UK; called "The Mustang Specialist". Our UK website can be viewed at www.themustangspecialist.com. We have had the pleasure to build and restore cars that have sold at auctions for world record numbers, museum cars or to clients that just share the same passion as we do. We can provide, locate or build our client the perfect 1965-1970 Ford Mustang. A partial restoration, modern upgrade to a full core build we have the skill and knowledge to meet our clients needs. Follow us on Instagram at: DACGARAGE
During our searches for the perfect Mustang to build, we also find some of the most desirable cars and Mustangs that need a new owner. Check in to see if we have that perfect car ready to enjoy or maybe a project you can enjoy.

Ron Hentschel – Texas, USA
Marcus Robinson - Buckinghamshire, UK

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